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uVera Diagnostics. Established 2004

uVera Diagnostics is a global provider of accurate drug & alcohol testing products.

We have products that are FDA cleared and CLIA waived. Order here online or call 1-866-242-5930.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on drug abuse in this, our world.

It does not make any difference whether you hail from New Hampshire, California, New Zealand, Brazil, or anywhere in between, you can bet that drugs have a stronghold on some of your neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends. From hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin to prescription drugs, a drug abuse problem exists worldwide. Prescription medications, such as those prescribed for pain treatment, attention deficit disorders, and anxiety, are being abused at an alarming rate.

Clearly, there is a drug abuse problem worldwide. As a society, we cannot throw caution to the wind, although some individuals have already done so themselves. Drug and alcohol abuse is such a burden not only to society, but also to the abuser themselves and those around them.

There are families in crises and the tension between federal and state laws has serious implications for businesses. Employers, especially those with federal contracts, are now caught in the crossfire, facing new challenges for maintaining a drug-free workplace while complying with conflicting state and federal regulations.

We recognized that, and in 2004, uVera Diagnostics started providing FDA cleared drug and alcohol testing products to major businesses and individuals. We began the development and manufacturing of our

CR3 Split-sample Drug Test Cup

CR3® Split-sample 5 Drug Test Cup

CR3® (Collect, Rotate, Read/Record), split-sample urine collection cup with its patented technology. Why? Because it was very clear to us that drug and alcohol abuse had become a major threat to our society. Drug and alcohol abuse was far from new, but the strain on our society both psychologically and monetarily needed to be addressed.

As you well know, there is no magic-wand, but with a determination, at least at the product level, there was tremendous room for improvement. Commitment and effort motivated us to provide not only drug and alcohol testing products, but improved drug and alcohol testing products. What was acceptable yesterday was no longer acceptable today.

Slowly, methodically, and with your input, we have made major changes to the urine collection cup, recognizing that both males and females are tested daily and with some difficulty. Now, the collection process recognizes that female sampling takes a wider opening, which we provided. However, we also found that it benefits males as well. You, as the administrator, were not only looking for the test results, but improvement in the collection process. Mission accomplished.

We have made major changes to aid you, and we will continue to seek better testing options for you, the urine collection administrator. You not only wanted improvement to the existing products, but you also demanded a commitment to overall quality of the product. Our customers tell us that we have achieved that goal.

uVera Diagnostics offers a wide selection of drug testing products that Parents, HR Directors, Purchasing Agents and Drug Testing Administrators love!

Our products are used by the Judicial and Court Systems and businesses around the world. Ordering is easy, click here to see and shop our wide range of FDA cleared and CLIA waived drug testing products.

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