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In today’s complex society, there are many reasons teenagers are turning to substance abuse in record numbers.

Using drugs and alcohol can be a way to rebel or fit in with peers, or a desperate form of self-medication to relieve symptoms of emotional or behavioral problems.

Alcohol and/or drugs are often abused by adolescents to help escape feelings of helplessness or to feel more “normal.”
The sad truth is that studies show only 10 percent of the estimated 1.4 million US kids with alcohol and substance abuse issues actually receive any counseling or treatment.

The first step towards treatment is to recognize that there is a drug or alcohol problem. As parents, friends and family, it is important to recognize the signs of Teenage Substance Abuse. There are many options for home drug testing, and you can order drug testing kits that show quick results from uVera Diagnostics.

This book will addresses Teenage Substance Abuse, discusses popular drugs of abuse among teenagers include marijuana (pot or weed), methamphetamine (crystal meth), prescription drugs like OxyContin, vicodin and alcohol. Also high on the list are non-prescription, over-the-counter medications such as cough syrups or pills containing pseudoephedrine. Inhalants are also quite widely used among younger teens.

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Watch for these signs of Teenage Substance Abuse:

  •  Hostility, irritability and anger
  •  Sloppy grooming and appearance
  •  Withdrawing from family, friends and favorite activities
  •  A different set of friends
  •  Sudden, significant weight gain or loss
  •  Dropping grades
  •  Spending lots of time in their room
  •  Unusual smells in the house or on clothing
  •  Locking doors when they didn’t before
  •  Unusual sleeping and eating habits
  •  Thoughts of death or suicide

Download our e-book, it’s free.  It might help you recognize potential drug/alcohol abuse problems early enough to halt its dangerous progression.


For more information about the types of drugs teenagers use, click here to read our blog The Most Common Drugs used by Teens.

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