The Job of Drug Testing

Pre-Employment and Employment Drug Testing kits


uVera Diagnostics is a world-wide industry leader in the finest drug tests for urine, saliva and breath testing and alcohol detection. With CLIA waived and FDA cleared drug testing kits available, Business Administrators, Purchasing Agents and Human Resource Administrators, Courts, Correctional Facilities, Judiciary and Medical Facilities will find what they need to drug test employees, job candidates and people in the judiciary and correctional system.


Court Ordered Drug Testing kits

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The Job of Drug Testing


The Job of Drug Testing uVera Diagnostics


Drug and alcohol abuse has become a major threat to our society. We recognize this threat, and together with our clients ,we work towards a drug free society.

Not only are we fighting the marijuana, opiate, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, buprenorphine abuse but also the explosion of prescription drug pain killers.  This has become an unparalleled challenge.



Drug testing is serious business. And we make that our business!


The Importance of Drug Testing

Drug Testing CR3 Split-sample Drug Test Cup

Drug Testing: CLIA Waived CR3 Split-sample Drug Test Cup

Staffing agencies, physician offices, pain clinics, schools, construction companies and the dozens of industries in our society have to take the necessary precautions and do regular drug screening to ensure a drug free workplace.

As the administrator this is a vital part of your everyday administrative duties.  We provide on site drug tests.

In today’s modern society there are family concerns about the exposure their children have of drugs of abuse. Because of the concerns there is a need for at home drug testing kits.  We provide them.

We recognize the problem and we provide innovative solutions to you and hundreds of organizations that insist on eradicating this societal problem.

You can trust that we are committed to providing you with solutions to detect the abuse of drugs and alcohol and to help you make informed decisions based on the results of a test.


Drug Testing - Urine Dip Card Test for 5 Drugs

Urine Dip Card Drug Test for 5 Drugs

Drug Testing

uVera Diagnostics’ on site drug and alcohol testing products are ideal for correctional facilities,  doctors office, hospitals, the workplace environment,  occupational health centers, casinos, schools and homes.


We can help you.  Give us a call or click here for our complete line of drug testing products.








This information is for educational purposes only. Consult with a physician for more information and specifics. If it is an emergency, dial 911 or call emergency services.

uVera Diagnostics carries products from Drug Testing Technologies.

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