The 5 Steps to Establish and Enforce a Drug Free Workplace

Late employees and drug abuse in the workplace


Did you know that Employees who abuse drugs are:

  • 2.2 times more likely to leave early from work
  • 2.8 times more likely to miss 8 or more days of work each month
  • 3 times more likely to be late to work


Businesses that establish and enforce a drug free workplace show responsibility to both their customers and employees. It is important to have preventative measures in place to ensure that business runs smoothly and safely. Having a drug free workplace established and enforced can safeguard your business from job-related accidents, absenteeism, increased health costs and lost productivity.


The 5 Steps to Establish and Enforce a Drug Free Workplace

uVera Diagnostics offers a free e-book about drug testing for businesses that provides detailed information every company can benefit from knowing. Click here to download the e-book for more details about each of the 5 steps.


1.    Establish a Drug Free Workplace PolicyEmployee drug free workplace training
One of the first steps in initiating a drug free workplace is to write the drug testing policy and have it in place for all employees. Not only will it let all employees know that the workplace is drug free, but it will also inform them that they will be tested for illegal substances.

2.    Provide Employee Drug Education Training
Education should focus on the warning signs of drug abuse and how drug use in the workplace is hazardous.

3.    Obtain Drug Testing Supplies
In order to drug test, you need accurate and easy to use drug testing supplies. uVera Diagnostics offers a variety of drug testing supplies, including urine, saliva and hair drug tests. One of the most popular drug tests is the 5-panel drug test, otherwise known as SAMHSA 5, but we highly recommend the 10-panel drug test which tests for prescription drugs.

4.    Implement an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Getting your employees the assistance they need to tackle their drug abuse problem can easily be achieved by establishing an employee assistance program or EAP. It is often bundled now with health care plans by insurance companies and provides a cost effective way to deal with drug abuse.

5.    Get Help from the Experts
Having expert advice is essential to the process of starting a drug free workplace policy and enforcing it. In addition to our free e-book, other resources from agencies such as SAMHSA are readily available for businesses looking to establish and enforce a drug free workplace.

Drug Testing in the Business World. What Every Company Needs to Know



Click here to download the e-book for more details about each of the 5 steps and to learn more about:

  • Understanding the Problem: Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Taking Action: How to recognize the symptoms
  • Understand Your Options: What Drug Tests are Available
  • Establishing and Enforcing a Drug Free Workplace



Why implement a drug testing policy?

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that drug use in the workplace can cost businesses about $128 billion per year. In addition, substance abuse by employees causes over $15 billion in health care costs, most assumed by the employer.

To stay competitive and grow, businesses need productive employees who show up to work on time and stay for their whole shift. It is important to establish a drug testing policy and to enforce it.


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