Amphetamine (AMP) Urine Drug Test

Amphetamine Drug Test
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Test yourself for Amphetamine. Results in 5 minutes or less.

Fast, Accurate Dip and Read Amphetamine Drug Test.

Competitively priced and ideal for home drug testing. Results are the same as a lab test.

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  • Our Amphetamine drug test is FDA cleared.
  • Conforms to SAMHSA Strict Standards for Substance Abuse Screening

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Product Description

Cut off Level (ng\ml)
Detection Time
Marijuana metabolitesTHC501 day to 5 weeks
Cocaine metabolitesCOC3001 to 4 days
Opiate metabolitesOPI20001 to 2 days
AmphetaminesAMP10001 to 2 days
MethamphetaminemAMP10001 to 2 days

Urine Drug Test for: Amphetamine (AMP)

Single drug test panel

Collect urine sample- dip card- wait 3 to 5 minutes and read results.

Amphetamines are generally found in legal prescription drugs used to treat attention problems in kids and young adults. Common prescriptions such as Adderall contain amphetamines. These prescription drugs are sometimes abused and sold on the street. A less pure street version of the drug is often referred to as “speed.”

The dictionary definition of amphetamines is as follows: “A synthetic colorless volatile liquid used medicinally as the white crystalline sulphate, mainly for its stimulant action on the central nervous system, although it also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. It can have unpleasant or dangerous side effects and drug dependence can occur; 1-phenyl-2-aminopropane. Formula: C6 H5 CH2 CH(NH2) CH3 ( Unabridged)”

Test yourself with our instant drug test for the qualitative detection of drugs of abuse and their principal metabolites in human urine at specified cut off levels.

Brand Names and Street Names for Amphetamine (AMP)

Adderall, Adderall XR, Dexedrine, ProCentra, Dextrostat, Ritalin, Concerta, Vyvanse, Focalin, Strattera, Didrex

speed, eye openers, amped, uppers, pick me ups, black mollies, Bennie, Bennies, Amped, Ampes, Benz, Benzies, Cartwheels, Blue Mollies, Jelly Beans, Super Jellies, Hearts, Wake me ups, Wake ups, Get ups, Boot ups, Sparkles, Dexies, Dexy, Footballs, Eye poppers, Lid Poppers, Lid openers, Oranges, Fast lightening, lightening


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