Heroin Urine Drug Test

Heroin Drug Test
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Drug Test for the Fast, Accurate Detection of Heroin in Urine.

Our one-step Heroin dip drug test is a rapid, accurate, diagnostic test designed to detect Heroin in human urine.

  • Results in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Your Results are Confidential and Anonymous
  • Our Heroin drug test is FDA cleared.
  • Conforms to SAMHSA Strict Standards for Substance Abuse Screening

Easy to understand instructions included with each Heroin drug test.

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Product Description

Heroin Urine Drug Test

Heroin creates a euphoric “high.” Users can experience feelings of extroversion and find that they can communicate with others more easily. Some may feel brief heightened sexual sensations and performance; however, in the long run, it will cause decreased sexual performance. Heroin provides a numbing effect for extreme pain and unpleasant feelings such as depression and anxiety. The feeling, though, is only temporary, and when the high ends, the unpleasant feelings are amplified.

Common street names for heroin include: H, big H, skag, smack, black tar, brown sugar, junk, dragon, dope, loads, muc, China white, white horse and horse.

Single drug test panel

Collect urine sample- dip card- test strip absorbs urine – wait 3 to 5 minutes and read results.

Dangers and Side Effects of Heroin:

Heroin enters the brain very quickly, and this consequently makes it a very addictive drug. Heroin is responsible for thousands of deaths a year. Regular use of the drug increases tolerance, and therefore more of the drug is needed to achieve the same high. This can lead to overdose.

Test yourself with our instant drug test for the qualitative detection of drugs of abuse  and their principal metabolites in human urine at specified cut off levels.</p>


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