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Learn about Propoxyphene PPX

Propoxyphene is a synthetic opiate and a narcotic pain reliever originally used to treat moderate to severe pain. Its most popular prescription forms are called Darvon and Darvocet. In November of 2010 the FDA recommended that the drug be discontinued due to the “risk of cardiac toxicity.” The FDA found that the drug changes the electrical activity of the heart significantly and concluded that the risks outweighed the pain relief benefits of the drug. This, however, has not stopped the illegal abuse of Propoxyphene.


uVera Diagnostics Drug Test Kits for Darvocet-N PropoxypheneWhat does it look like and how is it taken? 

The Propoxyphenes PPX, Darvon and Darvocet come in tablet, pill and liquid form and are taken orally. Darvon and Darvocet pills can be pink or red and gray capsules. They are usually pink, yellow, or orange in tablet form and oval shaped.



Illegal or Legal?

The FDA removed Propoxyphene from US shelves in 2010 making it illegal to purchase.


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Forms of Propoxyphene PPX, including Darvon and Darvocet, are abused because of the euphoric “high” the drug creates. Propoxyphene provides temporary physical and emotional pain relief when abused, and abusers are drawn to the numb feeling it creates. Propoxyphene is also very addictive.uVera Diagnostics Drug Test Kits for Darvon-N Propoxyphene


Street names for Propoxyphene PPX

There are many street names for propoxyphene. Street names for

  • Darvon: Pink footballs, yellow footballs, 65’s and N’s.
  • Darvocet: D, Dillies and yellow footballs.


Dangers and side effects

Side effects of Propoxyphene include: dry mouth, constipation, vision problems, dizziness, stomach pain, nausea, yellowing of the eyes and skin, restlessness and change in sleep habits. High doses can cause hallucinations and vomiting. Propoxyphene creates changes in mood and behavior and can cause depression. It can cause personality shifts and lead to confusion, anxiety, paranoia and rage.

Dangerous side effects include: cardiovascular and respiratory failure, liver disease, kidney disease and death by overdose.


How to Dispose of Propoxyphene PPX

If you or a loved one was legally prescribed propoxyphene before it was taken off the market, make sure you have disposed of the medication responsibly. Click here to learn about the safe disposal of unused drugs from the FDA. When left in the medicine cabinet, it can be taken accidentally or stolen by someone with access to your bathroom. Prescription Drug abuse is a growing problem. Click to read:


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Drug Testing for Propoxyphene PPX

If you suspect a loved one is abusing propoxyphene, you can get help. You can confirm abuse of opiate drugs such as propoxyphene by drug testing.

CR3-split sample drug test kit

CR3-split sample drug test kit

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