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uVera Diagnostics Drug Testing Products

uVera Diagnostics has drug tests for all businesses, court systems, correctional
facilities, medical and federal and state agencies.

Our drug tests are FDA 510(k) Cleared and CLIA Waived

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uVera Diagnostics

When and Why to Drug Test Your Employees
as part of Your Workplace Drug Testing?

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Because everyday costly accidents are caused by bad hires. Employees using drugs of abuse cost businesses millions of dollars per year. Wrong hires can impact the success of your company. Success starts with the hiring process. Drug Test to be sure.

Drug Testing

You can eliminate potential new employees prior to hiring who are abusing drugs.

Drug Testing

It’s important to drug test employees before returning to work after an accident.

Drug Testing

Making it random, helps element of surprise for employees who might otherwise abuse drugs.

Here is just a Sample of our Drug Testing Product Line

uVera Diagnostic Drug Testing by Industry

Our urine tests are a drug test administrator’s best friend providing testing solutions for their testing needs. Our drug tests are FDA 510(k) Cleared and CLIA Waived and 99% accurate. Your purchases are also 100% Money-back Guaranteed.

uVera Diagnostics sells easy to use, accurate, high quality, drug testing products for all types of businesses, including:

Our drug tests can be ordered in small quantities or in bulk.

The uVera Diagnostics Story

uVera Diagnostics, is a family-owned and operated company since its start in 2004. Our mission is to create drug and alcohol testing products that will help win the battle against substance abuse. No matter if you’re in New Hampshire or New Zealand, Columbia or California, Sweden or South Dakota, or anywhere else in the world, the abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances affects your community. No one—not neighbors, coworkers, friends, nor family members—is immune to the tragic consequences. Drug and alcohol abuse hurts those suffering from addiction—and everyone around them.

What our Customers Say

I have been ordering drug screens for 12 years and have used many resources. My company goes through 50-75 drug screens a week, so it is important that costs are down and availability is there. uVera has always come through for me.

Jill L.
Drug Test Administrator

The CR3 is so much more user-friendly than models that require a key. It’s cleaner, easier to handle and provides results quickly.

Elizabeth P.
Human Resources Manager

I have been a customer of uVera Diagnostics for over five years…The customer service staff is great and easy to work with. I find your web site easy to order from and to navigate. I hope to be doing business with you for many years to come!

Diana S.
Office Manager

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Drug Testing Products

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