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About uVera Diagnostics

uVera Diagnostics, a family-owned and operated company since its start in 2004, our mission is to create drug and alcohol testing products that will help win the battle against substance abuse.

No matter if you’re in New Hampshire or New Zealand, Columbia or California, Sweden or South Dakota, or anywhere else in the world, the abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances affects your community. 

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Employment, Staffing
Drug Testing

Drug Testing for the Staffing Industry

Drug Testing for the Staffing Industry Whether assisting companies in hiring permanent employees or employing temporary workers on a contract basis to fill staffing needs, businesses in the staffing industry have an immense impact on workplace environments across the United States.  According to the American Staffing Association, on average, more than three million temporary or

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Dangers of Marijuana
Drug Testing

Dangers of Marijuana

The Dangers of Marijuana Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?   With the evolving state laws for the recreational use of marijuana, cannabis has become a hot topic across the United States. At the time of this writing, six states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) now allow marijuana not only for medical use but

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Mistakes that lead to drug addiction
Drug Addiction

Mistakes That Lead to Drug Addiction

Mistakes That Lead to Drug Addiction?   Mistakes That Lead to Drug Addiction? Unfortunately, there’s no single simple answer—and “mistakes” are not necessarily what is the root cause of drug abuse. The circumstances leading up to drug abuse or drug addiction can be varied and complex. There is a psychological and physical component to the

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