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10 Reasons Why You Should Do Onsite Drug Testing

By Bill Nee, VP Sales/Marketing uVera Diagnostics

Onsite drug testing is a good idea if you want to reduce risk on the job. Over the years, the drug testing industry has grown outside of the traditional hospital and laboratory settings. As a result, design and technology have produced drug test products that can be used onsite at your business with reliable and accurate results.

We all know that drug abuse knows no boundaries of age, gender, education or income. In fact, drug abusers can be found in every business and industry across the world. Here are some benefits of onsite drug testing.

10 Reasons to Consider Onsite Drug Testing

1. You have the laboratory at your fingertips.

With advanced technology, drug testing can be performed onsite with fast, accurate results.

2. There is little downtime for your employees.

There is no need to send employees to an outside lab. Thus, keeping them at work and eliminating time off and travel.

3. There are drug tests that provide split-sample reserves for further drug testing in a lab.

Your business or agency may require further testing. In addition, the drug test results may need further verification for contaminants or other unknown substances. For this reason, there are onsite drug test products that provide a reserved urine sample for GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) testing.

4. There are drug test kits available that are CLIA Waived.

Certain industries and agencies require that drug tests are CLIA Waived. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CLIA Waived tests are, “simple tests with a low risk for an incorrect result.”

An female employee in a yellow vest and hard hat running towards another employee on the ground in front of a machine on the blog 10 Reasons Why You Should Do Onsite Drug Testing

5. Onsite Employee Drug Testing reduces the chance of cheating on the drug test.

This is important when it comes to random drug testing. Because you are testing the employee immediately, they do not have time to try and cheat. They aren’t leaving the building, eliminating the opportunity to tamper with the results.

6. You can perform bulk testing.

Everyone in your company can be tested at the same time. With fast results, some within 5 minutes, you can test many people in a shorter amount of time. Plus, your employees stay at work instead of going to an outside lab. That could shut your business down!

7. The drug tests are easier and cleaner to use than ever before.

Drug tests now come in all-in-one cups. For example, this means it is self-contained. It also includes a temperature strip and clear results. With these types of all-in-one tests, your test administrators never need to handle the urine.

8. With onsite drug testing, you can keep them in stock.

Many onsite drug test kits have a long 18-month shelf life, so it reduces waste. In addition, you can order in bulk to ensure you have the drug tests you need onsite.

9. You can reduce time in your hiring process.

With fast, accurate results after 5 minutes, you can quickly eliminate those who test positive and move forward with those job candidates who pass the test. Offsite testing takes longer.

10. Onsite drug testing is an important part of having a drug-free workplace.

Drug tests are not just for pre-employment testing during the hiring process. Your drug testing policy should also include random drug testing and post-accident return to work drug testing. In conclusion, these are all important to keep your workplace safe and productive.

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uVera Diagnostics has a variety of FDA 510(k) cleared and CLIA waived test kits.

These are affordable, convenient, simple to administer, 99 percent accurate, and fast in providing results.

Set to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) cut-off levels, our urine drug test kits are used by businesses, organizations and agencies in a wide range of industries from staffing to medical to criminal justice to construction and more. We make it easy for you to search for information and drug tests by type of drug tested too. This includes drug descriptions, street names, what the drugs look like, the dangers and side effects, links to the drug tests for each drug, etc.

Among our most popular testing kits is our CR3 Drug Test Cup. This patented test cup has an innovative design (including a large opening, slanted top, and snap-shut lid) that simplifies the process for drug test administrators. Also widely used because of its convenience and fast results is our All-in-one Urine Drug Test Cup. This one-step urine test uses an integrated test cup and is available in a variety of panel options (5 panel, 6 panel, 7 panel, 10 panel, 12 panel, 13 panel and 14 panel). uVera Diagnostics products also include T-Cup Drug Tests, Dip Panel Drug Tests, Generic Dip Panel Drug Tests and Saliva Drug Tests

About Bill Nee, VP Sales/Marketing uVera Diagnostics and Co-designer and Developer of the CR3 split-sample drug test cup.

Bill has 27 years in sales management and marketing. In addition, he is a 12-year veteran of the drug testing industry. As a parent and co-worker, Bill’s focuses his energy on drug testing at every level. Addiction is all around us in alcohol, prescriptions, and street drugs, and that is a constant reminder a drug-free society starts with each and every one of us.

For more information on drug testing, call 1-866-242-5930.




This information is meant for awareness and education purposes only. In addition, any medical or life-saving advice should come from experts. Always consult with your physician about any and all drugs. In conclusion, if it is an emergency, dial 911 or call emergency services.

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