About uVera Diagnostics and Drug Testing

  At uVera Diagnostics, a family-owned and operated company since its start in 2004, our mission is to create drug testing and alcohol testing products that will help win the battle against substance abuse.

 No matter if you’re in New Hampshire or New Zealand, Columbia or California, Sweden or South Dakota, or anywhere else in   the world, the abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances affects your community. No one—not neighbors,  coworkers, friends, nor family members—is immune to the tragic consequences. Drug and alcohol abuse hurts those suffering from addiction—and everyone around them.

 Individuals, neighborhoods, and businesses all feel the effects. Employers, especially those with federal contracts, face new challenges in maintaining drug-free workplaces while complying with state and federal regulations protecting employees’ rights.

 At uVera Diagnostics, we are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses worldwide detect substance abuse. Whether you’re a human resources professional, parent, purchasing agent, or drug testing administrator, we offer a wide variety of testing products (including our innovative CR3® split-sample drug test cups) to cover your specific needs. Businesses and judicial and court systems around the world trust and use our patented FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived drug and alcohol tests.

 We invite you to call us for more information at 1-866-242-5930 and to browse our online store to learn about and order our products.