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Buy by Type of Drug Name and Drug Information

uVera Diagnostics is a drug testing company that supplies drug test kits, including CLIA Waived and FDA Cleared drug test kits. Drug test kits can be ordered right here. Buy by the type of drug being tested or by the type of drug test product.

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Learn about each Drug and Drug Testing:

  • A description and definition.
  • Street names for the drug.
  • What the drug looks like and how it is taken.
  • Is the drug legal or illegal?
  • Why is the drug taken?
  • Dangers and side effects of taking the drug.

Click on each Drug to find the Drug Testing Product for each type of drug:

From small quantities to large bulk orders, uVera Diagnostics has a drug testing product that is right for you. Order Drug Test Kits online or call 1-866-242-5930.

uVera Diagnostics is World-Wide Industry Leader in Drug Testing Products

uVera Diagnostics provides the finest urine, saliva and breath drug test kits and alcohol detection diagnostic products on the market. uVera Diagnostics sells accurate, FDA cleared and CLIA waived drug tests products at an affordable price. Without a doubt, we deliver them to you in the most streamlined and cost-effective way. Drug testing is serious business, and uVera Diagnostics makes that its business!

uVera Diagnostics is a global provider of a wide selection of drug testing products that HR Directors, Purchasing Agents and Drug Testing Administrators love! They can also buy in bulk or one-at-a-time. Our products can be used by Federal Agencies like the DOT (Department of Transportation), Court Ordered, Correctional State Agencies, Medical Facilities, Businesses and parents around the world.

Ordering is easy. Shop online from our wide range of FDA Cleared and CLIA Waived drug testing products with convenient and fast online ordering. You will receive our products in a timely and discrete manner. Or call 1-866-242-5930

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