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The Dangers of Marijuana

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?


With the evolving state laws for the recreational use of marijuana, cannabis has become a hot topic across the United States. At the time of this writing, six states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) now allow marijuana not only for medical use but also for adult recreational use. Have you considered The Dangers of Marijuana?

Three other states (Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont) have passed similar laws and are in the process of establishing commercial cannabis business licensing rules and requirements. The Dangers of Marijuana.

As marijuana and marijuana products become legally available and accessible to more people, a reasonable concern is: Could using them lead to using dangerous illegal substances?  Could be a major reason for pre-employment drug testing.

Can Marijuana Use Lead to the Use and Abuse of Other Drugs?

Much debate revolves around whether or not using marijuana might eventually result in experimenting with and becoming addicted to illicit substances like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines, etc.

The type marijuana at the heart of the controversy is of the C sativa species, which is high in THC cannabinoids that produce psychoactive results (i.e., a “high”). People typically use marijuana recreationally to relax and decrease anxiety.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana use can lead to “marijuana use disorder” characterized by feeling dependent on the drug.

Nearly one-third of marijuana users may be afflicted with it, and in severe cases, it can lead to cannabis addiction. The effects of cannabis on one individual to the next can vary. The danger of marijuana.

Studies have indicated that the majority of adults who use marijuana recreationally do not go on to use harder drugs. However, if individuals’ judgment is impaired when using marijuana, there’s the risk that they might try other substances if given the opportunity. There are also other environmental and psychological factors that, in unison with marijuana use, might put a person in danger of trying addictive drugs.

For example:

  • Social environment
  • Genetics
  • Mental health
  • The degree of marijuana use (light versus heavy)
  • Addiction to nicotine or alcohol

Regardless of marijuana’s role in leading to use and abuse of other substances, the possible long-term health effects of cannabis should be considered.

Physical Effects and Safety Concerns of Marijuana

Research has indicated marijuana use may cause or contribute to:

  • Impaired learning, memory, and attention
  • Impaired academic achievement
  • Lower birth weight in babies of mothers who use marijuana
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Increased risk of vehicle accidents
  • Worsened breathing problems (in the case of cannabis smoking)
  • Ischemic stroke
  • Development of schizophrenia or other mental disorders
  • Increased incidence of suicidal thoughts

In the short-term, marijuana use can impair judgment and motor skills, thus increasing the likelihood of making mistakes or causing accidents in the workplace.

The Importance of Drug Testing

Whether you’re a parent who is concerned about your child or a corporate human resources manager who wants to ensure a drug-free workplace, drug testing can identify if someone is using drugs and may have an addiction problem.

Drug addiction can happen quickly, and early detection of drug abuse enables families to get help for loved ones before it’s too late. Businesses that implement drug testing programs can help avoid hiring employees with substance abuse problems, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism rates.

Where Can You Find a Reliable and Compliant Drug Test Kits?

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