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Drug Testing by Industry

uVera Diagnostics sells easy to use, high quality, CLIA Waived and FDA 510(k) Cleared drug testing products for all types of businesses, including Federal and State Agencies, Medical Facilities, Small to Enterprise Businesses, Judicial Courts, Correction Facilities and more. Shop and buy online by type of drug testing product or by the drug being tested. You can order in small quantities or in bulk. If you are testing for one drug or many drugs, uVera Diagnostics carries urine drug test cups, dip panels, drug testing kits, alcohol testing products, specimen cups, and oral fluid saliva drug tests.

Business Administrators, HR Directors and Purchasing Agents

Drug testing is an important factor in the placement and hiring of new employees or to test current employees. Urine and saliva samples are the most common types of specimens used for drug testing. Click for information about Business Drug Testing.

Federal Agencies

uVera Diagnostics provides accurate drug tests that will fit the needs of federal agencies through a variety of drug testing products that provide quick and accurate results. Click for information about Federal Agency Drug Testing.

Correctional Facilities

uVera Diagnostics provides accurate, FDA Cleared drug tests for correctional facilities, and administrators in the court and judicial systems. Even behind bars, inmates find access to drugs. Click for information about Correctional Facility Drug Testing.

State Agencies

State agencies looking for accurate, FDA cleared and CLIA waived drug tests for employees can depend on uVera Diagnostics for the best and most accurate drug tests available. Click for information about State Agency Drug Testing.


uVera Diagnostics provides accurate, FDA Cleared drug tests for administrators in the court, judicial and correctional systems. The drug tests meet court-ordered drug test standards. Click for information about Court Ordered Drug Testing.

Medical Facilities

uVera Diagnostics sells high quality, easy to use CLIA Waived and FDA 510(k) Cleared drug testing products for Medical Facilities and Healthcare Practices and Companies. Click for information about Medical Facility Drug Testing.

From small quantities to large bulk orders, uVera Diagnostics has a drug testing product that is right for you. 

Order Drug Test Kits online or call 1-866-242-5930.

uVera Diagnostics is a World-Wide Industry Leader in Drug Testing Products

uVera Diagnostics provides the finest urine, saliva and breath drug test kits and alcohol detection diagnostic products on the market. Drug test kits are available for both business drug testing and at-home drug testing. Businesses, Judicial, Correctional and Court Systems, Transportation Systems, Federal and State Agencies, Medical Facilities and Parents around the world count on uVera Diagnostics for a complete line of drug testing products, including FDA Cleared and CLIA Waived drug testing kits. With convenient and fast online ordering, our customers receive our products in a timely and discrete manner.

uVera Diagnostics is a global provider of a wide selection of drug testing products that Parents, HR Directors, Purchasing Agents and Drug Testing Administrators love! Buy in bulk or one-at-a-time.

Ordering is easy. Shop our wide range of FDA cleared and CLIA waived drug testing products. Click here to see our full line of drug tests or call 1-866-242-5930


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