Part 1: The Most Common Drugs Used By Teens

Drugs used by Teens


Every parent would hope that their teen’s addiction to video games would be the only addiction that they would face; however, in many cases, teen addiction is much more serious. Drug abuse has become accepted in many teen social circles as a normal part of experimenting in adolescence. Understanding what drugs teens most commonly abuse can help parents and guardians better communicate with their teens on what dangers they are facing, and they can look for the signs of abuse.


The Most Common Drugs Used By Teens


#1 Marijuana

The use of marijuana by teens has skyrocketed in the past few years. It is estimated that more teens smoke marijuana than cigarettes. In 2012 CBS News reported that “frequent marijuana smoking” was up by 80 percent among teens since 2008. In the study 1 in 10 teens reported smoking marijuana frequently.

Even more alarming is the young age with which teens are starting to experiment with marijuana. The average age a teen tries marijuana is 14 years old. While some still hold the belief that marijuana is not as harmful as some of the other drugs on the market, it is important to realize that today’s marijuana is more potent than the marijuana of the past. Marijuana effects brain development and function and can impair memory, disrupt learning and cause difficulty with problem solving.

#2 Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a drug that has remained popular throughout time with dance crowds, including those who attend “raves” or are into the “club scene.” A synthetic version of ecstasy is referred to as “Molly,” and it comes in a crystal-like form. It has become heavily targeted toward teens in recent years. It causes hallucinations, severe dehydration and rapid heartbeat. “Molly” is responsible for three (3) recent deaths of college students, and it can kill even the first time using the drug.

#3 InhalantsInhalants used by teens

Teens sniff and huff chemicals and household items to get high. They commonly sniff fumes from glues, aerosols or solvents. Inhalants cause teens to lose oxygen to the brain and can be life-threatening. Some of the chemicals alone in these substances can be deadly. Canned air used to dust keyboards, spray paint and paint thinner are commonly used. The most common solvent used to Huff is a refrigerant called Freon. This can be found in your HVAC system. Often teens do not see sniffing or huffing to be harmful.

#4 Synthetic Drugs

1 in 9 high school seniors have experimented with K2/Spice according to a study reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  K2/Spice is synthetic marijuana. Many teens used to purchase the synthetic drug as a legal substitute for marijuana, even though they were clearly labeled as “not for human consumption.” Now, however, synthetic drugs have become illegal in 40 states including Virginia. While availability has decreased, it is still widely used. USA Today reported the following regarding these drugs, “Poison control centers handled 5,741 calls about the drugs in the first 10 months of 2011, nearly double the 2,915 calls received in all of 2010, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.” Users have reported hallucinations, rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, and confusion.

Prevention and Education

The best way to prevent teens from abusing drugs is to talk to them and educate them. According to a study reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, teens who have parents that talk to them about drugs on a regular basis are 42 percent less likely to use drugs than teens that have parents that don’t talk to them about drug abuse.


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In Part 2 of The Most Common Drugs Used By Teens, we will look into prescription drugs, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. Click to read more.





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