Pre-employment drug testing

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment Drug Testing

In a recent study commissioned by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Association (DATIA) nearly 60 percent of employers surveyed conduct pre-employment drug testing on all job candidates.

That percentage is increasing every day because of the enormous negative effect that drug abuse can have in the workplace.

For the staffing industry, drug testing may be even more crucial, since a company’s central role is to provide qualified and productive job candidates or a temporary workforce to business clients of all types.

Advantages of on-site drug testing:

Convenient – the employee doesn’t need to leave the job-site to test
Simple process with user-friendly tools
Single urine drug testing kits can cover multiple drugs of abuse, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines methamphetamine and opiates
Saves money with a lower total cost and no lab fees
Quick results – job applicants and employees can go to work immediately
Better employee productivity and accuracy on the job
Less absenteeism and lower turnover
Lower medical costs and worker’s compensation claims
Improved morale
Increased workplace safety for employees and customers or the public
Pre-employment drug testing could actually be an issue of life or death

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Depending upon the job type the staffing agency specializes in, pre-employment drug testing could actually be an issue of life or death.

Temporary workers in certain firms assigned to security duties, medical occupations, transportation and many other fields, may actually have human lives in their hands.

Since a staffing agency’s reputation and business success depends upon supplying an efficient workforce, urine drug testing is a logical tool to identify those well-suited for placement with employers.

More importantly, pre-employment drug testing helps to eliminate those who might create danger or disruption at work. Along with other screening tools like background checks, drug testing is one of the ways staffing firms build confidence in their services with their client base.

It’s a fact that the majority of substance abusers are employed. The only effective way to ensure they aren’t employed by your business is through pre-employment drug testing and/or random drug testing of staff members in the workplace.

Testing can be expensive, but it costs employers more if a drug-abusing employee is hired or allowed to continue working.

Fortunately, there are many ways to conduct drug testing while minimizing the cost, time and disruption to the workplace.

Opting to use on-site or employer testing (also known as point-of-care testing) makes this crucial workforce-management activity convenient, affordable and efficient.

These tools and test kits screen for drugs or alcohol using samples of urine or saliva. Easy-to-use and FDA-compliant drug test kits, many including sample collection cups, test strips, and almost-instant diagnostic tools are now readily available.

Wholesale pricing and excellent, knowledgeable customer service are on offer from reliable manufacturers/distributors.

Among the latest, most convenient portable drug tests are the CR3 Keyless Split Sample Cup, which makes collecting and testing samples for drug screening simple and virtually fool-proof, with a 99% accuracy rate.

The CR3 is ideal for pre-employment drug testing. Results generally take five minutes or less to analyze. The receptacle also preserves part of the sample for additional testing, such as to confirm a positive test before taking adverse action against an applicant or employee.

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