6 Panel All-in-one Urine Drug Test Cup, FDA Cleared & CLIA Waived – With 3 Adulterant Detection, PH, OX, SG

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  • Female Friendly (Large Opening)
  • Temperature Strip Within Each Cup
  • 18 Month Shelf Life

25 Tests to a box

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From 4 to 12 Boxes
From 13 to 20 Boxes
From 21 Plus Boxes
$106.50 per Box
$101.43 per Box
$96.60 per Box

$92.00 per Box
The cup is an incredibly accurate, integrated drug test cup for the qualitative detection of 6 Drugs of Abuse in human urine.  Ideal for Pre-employment, Random and Post Accident Drug Testing. Test for AMP, BZO, COC, MET, OPI, THC. For urine adulteration, the cup has included adulterants PH, OX, SG.


The All-in-one Drug Test Cup is an easy, fast and professional drug test.  The test results are the same as a lab test.

This CLIA Waived drug test is a chromatographic absorbent device in which drugs or drug metabolites in a urine sample competitively combined to a limited number of antibody-dye conjugate binding sites.

It is used to screen for the presence of illicit drugs in urine.  The Drug Test Cup also checks for Adulterants with – PH, OX, SG.
This Urine Drug Screen can identify an employee’s or job applicant’s evidence of recent use of illicit drugs of abuse and is a great one-step urine drug test system for on-site drug testing and is incredibly accurate.

  • Has a built-in temperature strip
  • Results in 5 Minutes or Less
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration Cleared
  • Conforms to SAMHSA Strict Standards for Substance Abuse Screening
  • Ideal for an On-site Urine Drug Test.

For additional information please call 1-866-242-5930. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 16 × 5 in
Drugs to test for:



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