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Random Drug Testing: A Valuable Tool for Creating a Drug-Free Workplace

By Bill Nee, VP Sales/Marketing uVera Diagnostics

Random drug testing is not only a valuable tool for creating a drug-free workplace, it’s an integral part of a bigger picture and best practices to consider. Also known as “spot” drug testing, random drug testing is one of several ways you might conduct your workplace drug testing. It involves doing unannounced testing on one or more employees at a time. Therefore, this is based on a random selection process (sometimes accomplished by using computer software).

The Advantages of a Random Drug Testing

  • No bias is involved in choosing who will be tested; all employees stand an equal chance of being chosen.
  • Because employees are randomly selected at any interval, they are not able to game the system. For example, someone randomly selected for a drug test today, may or may not be selected for the next test.

Random drug testing helps give employees the assurance that your company doesn’t play favorites when it comes to workplace drug screening. Moreover, the element of surprise is a deterrent to employees who might otherwise abuse drugs if they knew in advance when they would be tested.

Random Drug Testing: An Integral Part of a Bigger Picture

For random drug testing to be as effective as possible, it should be part of a clear and well-communicated employee drug testing policy.

Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Can Help Employers

  • Reduce their company’s liability risks.
  • Lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums.
  • Avoid hiring job candidates who might pose a safety risk to themselves or others.
  • Recognize when employees have alcohol or drug problems and facilitate getting them the help they need to overcome an addiction.
  • Create a safer and more harmonious work environment.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce theft in the workplace.

For random as well as pre-employment drug testing keep in mind that every business and industry has its own unique needs and rules that it must follow. It’s critical for a drug testing program to address your company’s specific goals and meet whatever legal requirements apply.

Drug Testing Laws

Regulations concerning drug testing vary from state to state and also according to industry and whether the company is under federal contract. Other factors also affect a business drug testing policy and its administration. Laws to prevent discrimination and protect workers also impact what’s allowed in a workplace drug testing policy. For instance, the American Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Also, pay attention to the National Labor Relations Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Also, some employers, such as federal contractors, must implement a drug-free workplace according to the rules set forth by the Drug-Free Work Place Act of 1988.

Businesses regulated by government authorities have additional requirements. For example, the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

With so many variables and the potential legal impact, it’s critical for employers to understand their obligations. A human resources specialist and/or attorney can serve as valuable resources while developing a sound policy that will serve your business well while complying with all laws and regulations.

Random Drug Testing Best Practices to Consider

1. Ensure that the selection process is truly random.

An employee that believes you are singling them singling them out more than others might claim the drug testing process is discriminatory.

A pill bottle on its side with yellow pills spilling out on the blog Random Drug Testing: A Valuable Tool for Creating a Drug-Free Workplace

2. Don’t wait too long between selection and testing.

After you have notified randomly selected employees that they will be tested, keep the interval short for carrying out the testing. The more advance notice you give employees, the higher the risk you’ll run of some workers finding ways to escape detection. One effective way to limit the time between when you notify an employee and when you conduct the test is by having drug-testing kits. These are kits like those from uVera Diagnostics, available at your workplace.

Want more information? You may find the following articles helpful.

uVera Diagnostics has a variety of FDA 510(k) cleared and CLIA waived test kits.

These are affordable, convenient, simple to administer, 99 percent accurate, and fast in providing results.

Set to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) cut-off levels, our urine drug test kits are used by businesses, organizations and agencies in a wide range of industries from staffing to medical to criminal justice to construction and more. We make it easy for you to search for information and drug tests by type of drug tested too. This includes drug descriptions, street names, what the drugs look like, the dangers and side effects, links to the drug tests for each drug, etc.

Among our most popular testing kits is our CR3 Drug Test Cup. This patented test cup has an innovative design (including a large opening, slanted top, and snap-shut lid) that simplifies the process for drug test administrators. Also widely used because of its convenience and fast results is our All-in-one Urine Drug Test Cup. This one-step urine test uses an integrated test cup and is available in a variety of panel options (5 panel, 6 panel, 7 panel, 10 panel, 12 panel, 13 panel and 14 panel). uVera Diagnostics products also include T-Cup Drug Tests, Dip Panel Drug Tests, Generic Dip Panel Drug Tests and Saliva Drug Tests

About Bill Nee, VP Sales/Marketing uVera Diagnostics and Co-designer and Developer of the CR3 split-sample drug test cup.

Bill has 27 years in sales management and marketing. In addition, he is a 12-year veteran of the drug testing industry. As a parent and co-worker, Bill’s focuses his energy on drug testing at every level. Addiction is all around us in alcohol, prescriptions, and street drugs, and that is a constant reminder a drug-free society starts with each and every one of us.

For more information on drug testing, call 1-866-242-5930.




This information is meant for awareness and education purposes only. In addition, any medical or life-saving advice should come from experts. Always consult with your physician about any and all drugs. In conclusion, if it is an emergency, dial 911 or call emergency services.

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