7 Panel All-in-one Urine Drug Test Cup – FDA Cleared & CLIA Waived- With 3 Adulterants

$75.00 $65.22

7 Panel All-in-one Urine Drug Test Cup is a competitive immunoassay with Adulterants- PH, OX, SG and is used to screen for the presence of drugs in urine.
This Urine Drug Screen can identify an employee’s or job applicant’s evidence of recent use of illicit drugs of abuse.


Adulterants- PH, OX, SGAll Tests are sold by the box of 25

1 to 3 Boxes
4 to 11 Boxes
12 to 19 Boxes
20 to 39 Boxes
40 to 1000 Boxes
$65.22 per Box
$63.94 per Box
$62.68 per Box

$61.46 per Box $60.25 per Box

  • Free Shipping
  • No Minimum Purchase
  • Female Friendly (Large Opening)
  • Temperature Strip Within Each Cup
  • 18 Month Shelf Life

The Integrated Drug Test Cup is a one-step urine drug test system for on-site drug testing. The 7 Panel All-in-one Urine Drug Test Cup – CLIA Waived – with Adulterants is an incredibly accurate, integrated drug test cup for the qualitative detection of 7 drugs of abuse in human urine.

Easy, fast professional drug test.  Test results are the same as a lab test.

  • Is convenient and user-friendly
  • Results in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Your Results are Confidential and Anonymous
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration Cleared
  • Conforms to SAMHSA Strict Standards for Substance Abuse Screening
  • Ideal for On-site or Home Urine Drug Test.

This drug test is a chromatographic absorbent device in which drugs or drug metabolites in a urine sample competitively combined to a limited number of antibody-dye conjugate binding sites.

Results of the test can be read in 5 minutes or less. Competitively priced and ideal for your home or workplace drug testing program.

Our Drug Tests are of the highest quality available. The choice of professionals worldwide.

For additional information please call 1-866-242-5930. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 16 × 5 in
Drugs to test for:



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