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Do you think your co-worker is abusing painkillers?

By Bill Nee, VP Sales/Marketing uVera Diagnostics Have you ever wondered if your co-worker is taking drugs? You notice they have low energy and have trouble focusing and completing their work. Maybe their mood swings create problems with you or other co-workers? These are all red flags that surround drug abuse or drug withdrawal. Keep …

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6 Things you need for Drug Testing in the Workplace

By Bill Nee, VP Marketing and Sales uVera Diagnostics       Drug testing in the workplace comes with challenges for the company administrators and human resources. We know that drug testing policies are financially beneficial. It increases workplace productivity and creates a safer environment. In this blog, we provide the: 6 Things You need …

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Drug Testing and Welfare. Who Pays the Drug Test Bill?

Want to stir up a hornet’s nest? Bring up urine drug testing and welfare (public assistance) recipients, and stand back. Opinions will fly! Since initiatives under President Bill Clinton, programs are managed by the states with funds from the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)grant. This is the “welfare to work” program. How does Drug …

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Employee Drug Testing

In a recent study commissioned by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Association (DATIA) nearly 60 percent of employers surveyed conduct pre-employment drug testing on all job candidates. That percentage is increasing every day because of the enormous negative effect that drug abuse can have in the workplace.For the staffing industry, drug testing may be even more crucial, …

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