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Post-Accident Drug Testing

Post-accident drug testing is a critical precaution for employers and a helpful one for employees. Requiring job applicants and prospective employees to take drug tests is important. It is equally important to conduct drug tests later on to maintain a drug-free workplace. Employers should also perform post-accident drug testing if one of their employees is in an accident, either on or off the job. You should do this to assess whether drugs played any role in the accident. This may also protect your company legally and financially.

You also need to make sure that an employee’s potential drug use is not causing them to engage in unsafe work practices.

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Protect Your Business

Conducting post-accident drug tests can also protect your investment in workers’ compensation. It can reduce healthcare costs associated with drug-related accidents, and it can deter your employees from using drugs on the job. In many states, performing post-accident drug tests as soon as possible after an accident may entitle you to certain insurance benefits. It is ideal to test within 12 hours of the accident. It can protect you from legal hurdles in case drug use was a factor in an employee’s accident.

It’s important not to underestimate the dangers of employees on drugs.

Your company is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We know that drugs play a role in many accidents. Even if drugs were not a factor in the cause of the accident, they can become a factor. Why? Because they may take prescription painkillers after an accident to manage pain, stress and anxiety. These can range from prescription pain killers to illegal forms of Opioids like Fentanyl.

Although painkillers like Fentanyl, Oxycodone and Morphine may be legal when prescribed by a physician, they are not legal in any other form. The ongoing opioid epidemic should also make it clear to employers that prescription painkillers and opioids are highly addictive. They should consider the possibility that employees who start taking these drugs with a prescription may go on to abuse them later on.

Employees who work in safety-sensitive roles should not return to work while taking these prescription medications.

They can impair motor functions and negatively impact productivity. These drugs can also cause drowsiness, nausea, confusion, seizures, breathing problems and even death. Employers should always be on the lookout for these symptoms, especially after an accident.

Lean More

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To learn more about drug testing in the workplace, consider visiting the DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association) and the SAMHSA websites. Both have a great deal of information and links to helpful resources.

Information about a Drug Free Workplace

If you want to know more about a having a Drug-Free Workplace, we have provided the following information:


We have many other drug testing kits, as well, that you can use for pre-employment drug testing. Contact us today if you have any questions about how we can help you fulfill your drug-free workplace initiative.

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