Are You Working with Someone Addicted to Cocaine?

Working with someone addicted to cocaine

Are You Working with Someone Addicted to Cocaine?

If you are working with someone addicted to Cocaine you know how scary it can be. It doesn’t matter when they use the cocaine because the effects of cocaine can last a long time. It can stay in their system for up to 3 days. So even if a person isn’t coming into the workplace “high,” the likelihood of workplace problems increases.

 Cocaine, like other drugs, is addictive. Cocaine addiction can affect workplace performance and create a dangerous situation.

  • Many people who use drugs such as cocaine exhibit behavioral changes such as lack of good judgment when the addictive drug becomes the priority.
  • A person who has never been a thief might steal, even if it’s completely out of character.


Whether it’s taken at work or off work, cocaine is extremely addictive, dangerous and illegal. In this article, find out:

  1. How someone acts when they are using and are addicted to cocaine.
  2. What you should look for when you suspect cocaine abuse in the workplace.
  3. How to implement an employee drug testing policy to Deter the use and Effects of Cocaine and Other Drugs in the Workplace.


Cocaine facts: Cocaine (COC) is derived from the eaves of the coca plant. It usually comes in two forms, powder and solid blocks or crystals. It is Crack Cocaine when it comes in the solid block or crystal form. Click here to learn more about Cocaine and the common street names.


How does Someone Act when They are Using Cocaine?Effects of Cocaine Addiction in the Workplace

Some behavioral changes an addict may exhibit even when the user is not under the influence of the drug include:

  • Depression and Apathy
  • Irritability and Mood Swings
  • Paranoia and Secretive behavior
  • Lying, Cheating and Stealing
  • Change of friends
  • Prone to violence
  • Excessive sleepiness or Excessive energy

Do you recognize any of these behaviors? It’s easy to see how drugs do not just affect the user when they are under the influence. Drugs affect their day-to-day lives wholly.


What You Should Look for when You Suspect Cocaine Abuse in the Workplace

As an employer, it is good to learn how to identify and reduce cocaine abuse in and out of the workplace. Employers always need to consider financial and physical risks when it comes to drug abuse in the workplace.

Cocaine use is often confused with high stress and anxiety problems in the workplace. Employees may seem burnt out and overloaded. Cocaine affects concentration and can impair judgment, causing the employee to take unnecessary risks. These signs are often overlooked by employers and can lead to the company losing money. The company may end up having to pay for a work-related injury. The effects of cocaine abuse can cost a company a lot of money if the employee is high up in the company and has access to financial assets.

What are some symptoms of cocaine abuse?

  • Missing work more than usual
  • Hyperactivity
  • Increased agitation
  • Sinus problems / stuffy nose / nosebleeds
  • Muscle spasms or ticks
  • Changes in level of concentration


Addicted to Cocaine

Learn how to implement an employee drug testing policy to Deter the use and Effects of Cocaine and Other Drugs in the Workplace

It’s important to have preventative measures in place by implementing a drug testing policy that will help to identify these high-risk employees and deter the use and effects of cocaine in the workplace.

  1. Develop a written drug testing policy.
  2. Train employees and management on drug testing.
  3. Purchase drug test kits.
  4. Get help from experts.
  5. Implement an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).



To find out how to accomplish this for your workplace, here are some resources:


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Posted by Bill Nee, VP Sales/Marketing uVera Diagnostics and Co-designer and Developer of the CR3 split-sample drug test cup. Bill has 27 years in sales management and marketing and is a 12 year veteran of the drug testing industry. As a parent and co-worker, Bill’s energy is focused on drug testing on every level. Addiction is all around us in alcohol, prescriptions and street drugs, and that is a constant reminder a drug-free society starts with each and every one of us.

For more information on drug testing, click here or call 1-866-242-5930.

This information is meant for awareness and education purposes only. Any medical or life-saving advice should come from experts. Always consult with your physician about any and all drugs. If it is an emergency, dial 911 or call emergency services.


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